The Raychem PetroTrace DHSX electric heat trace cable consists of a cut to length, field terminated three phase, constant wattage heating cable. It can generate up to 12.5 Watts/ft. (41 W/m), and provide process temperature maintenance up to 122°F (50°C). This cable is typically used for flow assurance applications in low flow wells that require an economical and simple way of treating paraffin or hydrates. It is commonly strapped to the production tube to depths of 2625 ft. (800 meters) typically. However, it can go as far as 3610 feet (1100 meters).

Additional Information about Raychem PetroTrace DHSX electric heat trace cable:

  1. DHSX is usually supplied as an engineered system. For assistance, please contact your Pentair Thermal Management representative or phone Pentair Thermal Management at (800) 545-6258.
  2. DHSX cables can provide up to 12.5 Watts per foot (41 Watts per meter) of power output.

Industries Served:
Oil and Gas

Technical Specifications

Voltage:Up to 600 Vac 3 phase 3 wire (depending on length and required wattage)
Maximum tubing temperature:Up to 50°C (122°F)
Maximum wattage:41 W/m (12.5 W/ft)
Length:Up to 1000 meters (3280 ft)
Armor:Overlapped galvanized steel
Outer jacket:


(See technical datasheet for full product specifications)

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