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Pentair Thermal Management offers a wide variety of accessories designed to make your electric heat tracing system complete. Our attachment tapes, cable ties, pipe straps, mounting brackets, junction boxes, tools, and miscellaneous accessories are meant to be used in conjunction with our electric heat-tracing systems.

Attachment Tapes, Cable Ties and LabelsGlands, Adaptors & PlugsJunction Boxes
Mounting BracketsPipe Straps

Connection Kits

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Heat tracing systems are complex entities which often require a high level of engineering to provide optimal performance. Power Connection Kits, Splice Kits, Tee Kits, and End Seal Kits are critical components of a properly functioning heat trace system. Our Raychem , DigiTrace and Frostex brands of connection kits are designed and approved to be used in conjunction with Raychem, Pyrotenax, Tracer, Frostex and WinterGard electric heat-tracing cables.

End Seal KitsPower Connection KitsSplice & Tee Kits

Control & Monitoring Systems

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The control and monitoring of heat trace circuits can be critical to ensuring the uninterrupted flow of your business, the melting of the snow outside your residence, the prevention of ice dams from forming on your roof , etc. And because each application and situation is different, Pentair Thermal Management offers a complete suite of control and monitoring products including Mechanical Thermostats, Electronic Controllers, Contactors, Sensors, Controller Accessories and RTDs to be used in conjunction with our electric heat-tracing systems and for virtually any application.

Control & Monitoring AccessoriesElectronic Temperature ControlsElectronic Thermostats
Hand-Held ProgrammersMechanical ThermostatsPower Distribution Panels
Temperature Sensors

Engineered Products

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Pentair Thermal Management offers a wide range of engineered products for the industrial market. These products are developed under our renowned brand names including Tracer and Raychem. Each product is designed to add value to the most complex heat-tracing project to even the simplest installation. Pentair Thermal Management can provide customized solutions for your every need

Instrument EnclosuresPipe Support SystemsSkin-Effect Heating Systems
Tank HeatersTank Insulation SystemsTubing Bundles

Fire-Rated & Specialty Wiring Cables

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Pentair Thermal Management' fire rated & specialty performance wiring cables are designed to provide industrial and commercial environments with the benefits of mineral insulated technology. Uses include fire-rated applications such as fire alarm, emergency lighting and critical industrial equipment circuits as well as low EMI, service and feeder retrofit, OEM, seal and corrosion resistance applications.

Mineral Insulated

Heating Cables

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Pentair Thermal Management heating cables are made for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. . By offering an array of cable technologies ---such as self regulating, power limiting, mineral insulated, skin effect, constant wattage and series resistance—our heating cables can meet the needs of most applications including process temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, longline heating, flow assurance, hot water temperature maintenance, roof and gutter de-icing , surface snow melting, frost heave prevention and floor heating

Constant Wattage Parallel CircuitCrankcase HeatersIn-Pipe Heat Trace Cables
Mineral Insulated Heat Trace CablesPower Limiting Heat Trace CablesSelf Regulating Heat Trace Cables
Series Resistance SC Cables

Heating Mats

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Pentair Thermal Management heating mats are used for a variety of commercial and residential applications.  The mats come pre-spaced and pre-terminated to provide uniform heat to an area, and help to speed up and simplify installations.
Floor Heating MatSnow Melting Mat

Leak Sensing Systems

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Pentair Thermal Management offers reliable leak detection systems for commercial, municipal & industrial markets. We offer leak sensing cables for a variety of solutions including water, hydrocarbons, and conductive liquids. We also offer point sensors for water & hydrocarbons. We protect a diverse range of applications from airport fueling systems, tanks farms & terminals, diesel fuel piping systems, mission critical facilities, acid process lines and data centers. We combine our sensors with state of the art controls to allow you to quickly detect and locate the source of the leak before it becomes a “news story”.

Cables & SensorsMonitoring & Alarm ModulesTools
Wiring and Accessories


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Pentair Thermal Management offers a variety of tools designed to help with installation of heat tracing and fire rated & specialty wiring systems as well as with various leak detection needs

Installation Tools