• TraceCalc Pro v2.8 Software Release

    Improve your heat tracing designs with the release of TraceCalc Pro v2.8. Updates include new MI sheath temperature data in accordance with latest industry standards and improved heater designs to help lower customer installed cost.

    The latest version is now available for download.

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  • Introducing New and Improved Raychem MI Heating Systems

    Pentair has launched performance and availability enhancements featuring our Raychem XMI-A and XMI-L mineral insulated (MI) heat tracing systems.These new enhancements help lower customer total installed cost and hassle during installation and maintenance.

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  • Raychem NGC-30 System Delivered in Two Weeks!

    Pentair announces fast delivery schedule for the Raychem NGC-30 standard panels. Need help to compress your project schedules? We’ve made it easy for you specify and order our high performance and reliable NGC-30 heat tracing panels. Delivered in only two weeks! Read more
  • STS for Safe Sulphur Transportation

    The Raychem Skin-Effect Heat Management System (STS) is engineered to provide the user with one of the safest, most reliable and cost effective solutions for maintaining and monitoring the flow of liquid sulphur via cross-country pipelines. Read more
  • Services

    For proven heat tracing solutions, look to the leader in engineering design services.  At Pentair Thermal Management, we are experts in Heat Management System (HMS) solutions, and our Tracer Services Division is widely regarded as the premier provider of these turnkey heat tracing services Read more

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